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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Equity Finance?
A. Equity Finance is an injection of capital invested in your business for the medium to long-term in return for a share of the ownership. Because equity investors share the risks your business faces, equity finance is often referred to as risk capital.

Q. How much control will the Investor have over my business? 
A. Any 'deal' with an Investor should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen the management of your business. Having a business angel on-board will bring a wealth experience to enhance your business performance.  A fundamental part of any 'deal' is to agree how much hands-on involvement the angel will have. However, you must be prepared for your Investors to monitor the progress of the business and in some cases being involved in significant decisions.

Q. How much money can I raise through Business Angels?
A. In the NWBA network, amounts of up to £500,000 are not unrealistic; however it is unlikely that an individual investor will invest solely at that level.

Q. What do I have to do to obtain funding from investors? 
A. Have a viable business plan, make a credible 'pitch' supporting your business proposition, and be willing to discuss your business ideas candidly with interested individuals or syndicates of Investors.

Q. Does my business have to be a registered company?
A. No, but you may have to be prepared for a swift registration if an acceptable 'deal' is put on the table.

Q. Is the Northwest Business Angels service impartial and confidential?
A. The NWBA service and its advisors are totally impartial; all meetings, discussions and information is treated in the strictest confidence. Only information you have approved for distribution is released to potential investors.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The service is provided free to both Entrepreneurs and Investors by Manchester Solutions to encourage economic development in the region.

Helen Franks

“I was delighted with the help and support I received from the Northwest Business Angels team and its network of business angels”.

HELEN FRANKS, Incorporated Medical Recruitment Ltd